Who I am ? 

Pierre Bastin, energetician, masseur, 

Teacher and Reiki master

I started my career as an energetician in 2002 with Reiki. After various trainings that awakened my sensitivity in energy healing, I started to study Thai Yoga Massage (TYM) in 2013.


In this type of massage, I combine the teachings of Balazs Nemeth (Bali) in traditional TYM, Thierry Bienfaisant in dynamic TYM and Yves Delattre in TYM based on Ayurvedic medicine.


As a Reiki Master and teacher, I combine the work of meridians with the gentle and therapeutic work of Reiki energy, bringing another dimension to TYM.








In 2015, I became passionate about Acroyoga and took Tatjana T'felt's classes. I participate in various lunar and solar Acroyoga workshops. In 2016, I got my Yoga teacher certification for children and I assist Tatjana T'felt in family Acroyoga classes.


In 2015 and 2016, I followed 2 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and therapeutic Qi Gong with Marcel Delcroix.


In 2017, I improved my skills in head massage with Mei-Ling Myung-Sook who combines Thai massage techniques with Chinese, Japanese and Korean techniques.


Since 2017, I have been following Pierre Lessard's teachings in energy healing with the energies of Master Saint Germain, the violet flame and the masters of crystal.


In January 2018, I started studying foot reflexology with Lucie Fernandez.





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